How Does Your Broker Compare?

The Issue

We had approached a locally owned small business with 28 employees many times over the past few years, looking for an opportunity to become their benefits broker.  They had been with the same benefits consultant for many years and their response was always the same…they were content with who they were working with.  Last year, however, they replaced their HR director and the new individual allowed us to make a presentation.

Our Solution

During our meeting with the Human Resource Director we began simply, by asking if their current benefits consultant was:

  • Choosing the ideal set of plans based on the specific demographics and needs of the company
  • Acting as an extension of the HR department by answering all benefit related questions for employees, resolving difficult claims problems and providing a benefit administration package featuring employee self-serve functionality, to relieve the HR department of unnecessary administrative work
  • Working with them to assure compliance on a myriad of benefit-related regulations
  • Integrating proven cost-containment features such as telemedicine, wellness programs and voluntary benefits into their benefits portfolio
  • On site regularly to maintain communication with both company leadership as well as employees

The Result

After reviewing our offering in further detail, the HR director was able to convince the owner that a change in consultant would be beneficial and we were chosen for the role.  We implemented the outlined changes on their next anniversary and were able to not only automate a great deal of administrative functionality but also produced a first year savings of $18,500.

Our agency has developed a proven track record when it comes to working with small businesses to maximize benefit efficiencies and control rising benefit costs.